Katherine Morris bio picture

My Version

You do great work and your donors matter to you. You don’t, however, always have time to tell them. That’s where I come in. I’m a joy-seeking, pen-wielding, dog-loving happy gal and I want your organization to succeed. Why? Because when the work you’re doing changes the world, we all win.

The Fancy Version

Katherine Morris has dedicated her entire professional career to supporting the work of nonprofit organizations with a focus on donor relations. It was during her tenure at Fort Worth’s Lena Pope that she was able to transform expressions of gratitude into an organizational discipline that led to a 22 percent increase in donor retention. Her work helped support millions of donation dollars through the organization’s collective fundraising efforts. It was then that her ability to help nonprofits harness the power of gratitude became her professional mission. 

Katherine Morris + Co. formed from a legacy of entrepreneurship and altruism. A graduate of Texas Christian University’s M.J. Neeley School of Business, Katherine’s early life was immersed in business development and philanthropy through the work and generosity of her parents. From monetary support to frontline volunteer roles, her observations of nonprofit operations started at a young age. Her learning eventually homed in on the fact that expressions of gratitude had direct impact on future family giving. (Hint: Organizations with intensely personal interactions are still on her own family’s giving list). And when the opportunity came to work with a nonprofit organization professionally, Katherine instinctively gravitated toward nurturing relationships with those who generously commit to be a financial resource in support of the tremendous effort organizations like yours make each day. In life and in work, she is a champion of gratitude, believing that it is the key catalyst in changing the world. 

Nice Things People Say About Me


Alex Dunn, CFRE, Lena Pope

"Katherine drove the invention of donor gratitude and donor relations at Lena Pope. She was our expert in the research of what would work, and drove practices that were both innovative and surprisingly practical and easy. Her genuine nature comes through in her communication with donors and she knows the words to say to make them feel genuinely thanked. With her experience in donor databases, she knows the right notes you will need for documentation and to further the relationships with your donors."

Marilyn Sammons, Lena Pope

“Everyone appreciates the idea of using best practices with donors. However, Katherine not only uses best practices, she love the donors first, so the practice becomes a valued respectful relationship.”

Marcus Paslay, Clay Pigeon Food + Drink

"I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine Morris on several charitable givings. Katherine has always made the process an enjoyable experience. Katherine's kind, selfless nature has always made me feel comfortable and appreciated about every donation we have worked on. I'm excited about what she can do for your donors who mean so much to the philanthropic landscape of your community."

Sonya Cisneros, Modern Art Museum

"Nurturing by nature, Katherine Morris builds meaningful connections and lasting relationships with a foundation rooted in a grateful heart. She is the friend you want in your corner. Katherine’s inherent enthusiasm and generous spirit brightens any room. She has a knack for knowing what to say and how to say it. Plus, she has killer dance moves."